Brisbane Tiling Service- tiler- Brisbane

Posted onJanuary 27, 2012

Brisbane Tiling Service is an esteemed tiling business that has been operating commercially for over 30 years.
We specialise in Pool Tiles, Stone Tiles, Wall Tiles, Outdoor Tiles, Mosaic Tiles, Marble Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Granite Tiles, Floor Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Bathroom Tiles and labour.
We import and buy from other traders, so we can ensure provision of tiles in the exact size, design and colour that you’re after!
We are located at 69 Bristol Rd, Kedron 4031.
Call us today on (07) 3861 5668, or email us on for a quote!

A.M.A. TILES- tile contractor- Fairfield East NSW.

Posted onAugust 3, 2010

A.M.A. TILES- tile contractor- Fairfield East NSW.
The success of A.M.A. TILES Pty Ltd is down to a customer-focused service delivered by a qualified and dedicated team capable of adapting to customer requirements. The company is driven by its values of pride, passion and excellence with attention to detail. We are a company with big ambitions to provide excellence to all our customers whether its a small or a large tiling job, this means turning up on time, listening to your ideas and suggestions, completing a quality tiling project that you will be pleased to show family and friends.
We excel with unusual shapes and challenges which can be particularly difficult without the sort of expertise that is only developed with time and experience.

# All types of floor and wall tiling
# Waterproofing
# Bathroom Tiling; floors, benches, baths and showers
# Splash back Tiles; custom installs and large one piece designs
# Kitchen Tiling; floors, walls, and benches
# Pool Tiling; pool perimeters and water lines
We specialise in all types of tiling. Our attention to detail with all tiling, whether it be glass mosaics or ceramics, is meticulous. Particular attention is given to cuts around pipes and other areas for an extremely neat result.

TEL: (02) 9788 8288
FAX: (02) 9788 8288
MOBILE: 0416 66 99 69

POST: 76 Malta Street,
Fairfield East NSW 2165

Tiling Costs – The Untold Story

Posted onJune 21, 2010

Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy about the cost of household trades like tiling. Their guards are up from the get-go – ready to detect and intercept any tradies who are trying to rip them off. So how can tilers win the trust of stand-offish consumers?

Transparent pricing is the key to repairing the fragile relationship between tradies and consumers. To appear “in touch” with their customers, tilers should ensure their prices are both competitive and fair. But how do they determine what is an adequate price for their services?

It makes sense that this amount should be on par with what their colleagues are charging. However, unless they’re willing to make a bunch of anonymous calls it can be difficult for tilers to ascertain what their time should be worth.

Working out the going rates for tiling just became a little easier with the recent release of a report published by tendering website‘s Pricing Guide for Household Trades & Services collates 70,000 quotes submitted through the site over a 3 year period to reveal the highest, lowest and average costs of tilers throughout Australia. For the first time tilers are provided with all the necessary information to make an informed decision about their pricing.

March 2010 figures show the benchmark for the cost of bathroom tiling is $44 per hour. The data also indicates the cheapest hourly rate for a tiler is just $20, rising to $150 per hour. The prices vary depending on the qualifications of the tiler, the size of the job, site access and materials. Basic materials like tiling glue and grout are normally included in the labour rates – but not the tiles. In most cases the sealing/waterproofing and polishing of the tiles isn’t a part of the quote price either. Preparation of the floor bedding is also an optional extra and charged at an average of $45 per m2.

The report also offers a handy state-by-state analysis which confirms regional price discrepancies. Within the given price range Victoria and Queensland tilers tended to offer the cheapest prices, with New South Wales positioned in the higher range. New South Wales tilers charged an average of $49 per hour, almost 12% higher than anywhere else on the Eastern Seaboard.

Tilers upped their prices by 4.9% between 2008 and 2009, but with a current hourly rate almost identical to the 2009 hourly rate, the Pricing Guide suggests tilers shouldn’t have raised their prices in the last 12 months.

Unique pricing trends and diverse average costs are also apparent in a host of other trades including building, plumbing and carpentry. To see how how they stack up against tiling rates go to and request a free copy of the Pricing Guide for Household Trades & Services. is a tendering website where customers describe what they need and businesses submit quotes to win the work. Flipping the “ring-around” upside-down, businesses to chase customers, not the other way around.