BAL WP1 coating- Waterproof Coating for Walls and Floors-Technical Data Sheet.

Posted onJanuary 29, 2010

BAL WP1 coating- Waterproof Coating for Walls and Floors-Technical Data Sheet.


  • flexible, seamless waterproofing before tiling.
  • most substrates.
  • dry/wet – interior.
  • showers, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry/utility rooms.
  • around drainage channels, upstands, pipes and floor wastes.



  • Flexible.
  • Waterproof/seamless: sets in 24 hours.
  • Supports maximum weight of 32kg/m² on walls.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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WaterShield TM-Wet Room and Shower Sealant Kit- waterproofing membrane.

Posted onJanuary 29, 2010

WaterShield TM-Wet Room and Shower Sealant Kit- waterproofing membrane.

WaterShield TM is a flexible waterproofing membrane designed for use beneath ceramic, porcelain, natural stone tiles and mosaics in wet rooms and showers.  Suitable for internal walls and floors, the system protects underlying layers from the ingress of water and can be applied successfully to most common substrates.

The pack contains 5kg of liquid membrane, 500ml of bond primer, 10m of 100mm wide waterproof polyester tape and 1m² polyester matting.

* Waterproof
* Flexible
* Walls & Floors
* Easy application
* Suitable for most common substrates

5.5kg Unit – sold individually .

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Bostik-Watertite OrangePixel-Waterproofing/tanking system for walls and floors-Technical Data Sheet

Posted onJanuary 29, 2010

Bostik-Watertite OrangePixel-Water proofing/tanking system for walls and floors-Technical Data Sheet.

Power showers, shower cubicles, steam rooms, wet rooms made of water sensitive materials in hotels, guest houses, leisure centres, fitness centres, at work and even in our domestic environments are at risk of water penetration which puts these installations at great risk
It is often felt that the use of a water resistant pastes or cementitious adhesive and grout will suffice.  This is not true. These materials will only resist the effects of water passage for a certain time. Power showers can generate a considerable amount of pressure, which can saturate the grout and adhesive and penetrate the substrate, subsequently causing failure of the tiling installation.  A more comprehensive measure is then needed to prevent water penetration.  This is why we recommend Bostik-Watertite tanking/ waterproof system in such areas.
Suitable for industrial, commercial and domestic installations, Bostik-Watertite makes water tight a complete range of backgrounds both from ingress and leakagem including:

* Gypsum plaster
* Plasterboard
* Timber based backgrounds
* Concrete
* Sand/Cement render
* Fibreboard
* Anhydrite screeds
* Lightweight blocks
* Concrete Blocks
* Brickwork
* Steel


* Easy to use
* Quick Drying
* Flexible
* For external use,
* Suitable for use with under floor heating
* Applied by brush or roller

Packaging     5 litre kits: Extra materials can be supplied by request

5-litre pack includes;
Waterproofing polymer, sufficient for 2 coats (Coverage 5M²)
2 small flanges (for pipe work from 10mm to 50mm)
1 roll of 10cm wide x 25 metre long tape
1 M2 matting

Download the Bostik-Watertite Fixing Guide
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