Posted onMarch 17, 2010


 Description: Easy-to use waterborne epoxy that recolors, seals and rejuvenates existing grout joints.
opUses: Recommended for use on sanded, unsanded and epoxy grout joints. Equally effective for interior and exterior applications.

Coverage: Approximately 50 to 300 sq. ft. (5 m² to 28 m²) per 8-oz (237 ml) bottle depending on width and porosity of grout joint, size of tile and method of application.
Expected Wear: Will vary depending on hardness and texture of surface, type of area, surface wear, frequency and type of maintenance products used. Expected wear is up to 15 years. Extreme weather conditions, harsh cleaning methods and high-alkaline or solvent-based cleaners will affect wear.








Heritage Anti-Slip Tiles Treatments – South Africa

Posted onMarch 17, 2010

Heritage Anti-Slip Tiles Treatments – South Africa

Heritage  Anti Slip Tile Treatment for slippery surfaces

Prevent slipping accidents at work or at home by treating Slippery Tiles with Heritage Anti Slip Tile Treatment.!

This problem of slipping results in loss of life, physical disability, loss of productivity, legal and compensation costs and the cost to the community due to hospitalisation.
The legal implication for You.

In the European Community, regulations require that  surfaces in certain places meet specified anti slip coefficients of friction.

Insurance companies will not cover slipping accidents unless there is compliance with these Anti Slip regulations.

While this is not yet the case in South Africa, in terms of common law, you MAY still be held legally liable for a slipping accident on your premises, home or work, unless you can establish that you have taken reasonable precautions to prevent it.

Being in a position to prove that you have treated slippery surfaces such as showers, baths and tiled surfaces with Heritage Anti Slip Tile Treatment might make the difference!

 Where are slipping risks to be found?

At home, in facilities for the aged and in the hospitality industry in baths, showers, bathroom floors, and other areas with potentially Slippery Tiles including kitchens, halls, living rooms, balconies, stoeps and patios.

In public places and other places to which the public may have access such as shopping malls, foyers of office blocks, entrance halls to business premises, hospitals, changing rooms at sports facilities, rest rooms etc.  All these need to be anti slip to be considered safe.

In the workplace, in all the instances already mentioned as well as areas which due to a requirement for highly sanitary conditions may have Slippery Tiles, such as abattoirs, food processing plants, laboratories etc.

Heritage – the anti slip solution

Efficiently renders anti slip, WHEN WET as well as in dry conditions, surfaces such as porcelain and enamelled baths and showers, and floors of mineral composition such as ceramic, granite, mosaic, terrazzo, silestone, marble etc.

  •       Does not otherwise alter the characteristics of the floor or surface.
  •       Requires no construction work to apply.
  •       Is environment-friendly.
  •       Allows the surface to be used almost immediately with minimum disruption.
  •       Complies with European Directive 89/654 and Norm TRRI-NLT-178/88.
  •       One application provides a anti slip surface, guaranteed for several years.

Heritage Products

Heritage  provides a comprehensive anti slip service in South Africa, be it the treatment of your home, business, shopping centre, factory etc or by providing our range of products to do-it-your-self enthusiasts.

Free quotations and advice are given on site. Please contact your regional distributor for more information. A list of regional suppliers can be found on the website…please refer to for your local supplier details.

Heritage  Products – Head Office

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Anti-Slip Treatments to ceramic, porcelain and natural stone surfaces

Posted onMarch 17, 2010

Anti-Slip Treatments

We are able to apply Anti-Slip Treatments to ceramic, porcelain and natural stone surfaces.

poDifferent situations require different methods to achieve the desired result. We are able to perform several procedures, these are:

  • Titanium Micro-pore Technology
  • Non-Slip Surface Coatings
  • Acid etching
  • Sandblasting

To achieve an Anti-Slip finish on this polished floor surface, several procedures were undertaken.

First the stone was sandblasted to ‘key up’ the surface. This provides the anti-slip finish. This procedure considerably lightens the stone, as can be seen in the bottom right corner of the photograph.

The area was then enhanced to bring the colour up to match as closely as possible to the surrounding areas. This sealer is shown surrounding the light sandblasted patch in the left hand side of the photo.

This is a highly beneficial procedure for external paths and pool/patio areas. Shower bases also benefit from this treatment, as these are a fairly common hazard area around the home.

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