CERAMICHE BASE S.r.l. – Tiles – Italy

Posted onJune 6, 2011

CERAMICHE BASE S.r.l. – Tiles – Italy

Ceramiche Base is an Italian company specialized in the production of ceramics floorsand wall coverings for external use in white body and single firing (cooking at 1200° C).

The high quality of our product range is the result of an accurated research of the best materials and modern technologies.  Originality, Uniqueness, trustworthiness charaterize Ceramiche Base on the markets and in time.
Ceramiche Base offers a wide range of products in the size of 25×25, fitting in technical and residential milieu and the size 16×24 very versatile in the using.

address                                        Strada Prov.le 231 II° 34
                                                    70033 CORATO  (BA)
reference Amministratore Unico:   Domenico D’Introno
telephone                                    +39 080 8727877
fax                                               +39 080 8727855
e-mail                                          ceramichebase@libero.it
URL                                             www.ceramichebase.it
plants                                          CORATO – BA

CERAMICHE BARBETTI S.r.l. – Tiles – Italy

Posted onJune 2, 2011

CERAMICHE BARBETTI S.r.l. – Tiles – Italy

Suppliers of high quality terracotta and porcelain tiles.  Check out the website or showroom to view full range.

address                               Loc. Querce al Pino
                                           53043 CHIUSI  (SI)
reference Amministratore:   Lucio Barbetti
telephone                           +39 0578 274404
fax                                      +39 0578 274677
e-mail                                  info@ceramichebarbetti.it
URL                                     www.ceramichebarbetti.it
plants                                 CHIUSI – SI


Posted onMay 21, 2011

Address: Via 1 Maggio, 31/33
Zip: 35030
City: Rovolon
Province: Padova
Telephone: 39-049-9910777
Fax: 39-049-9914101
E-mail: info@acquario-due.it
Web: www.acquario-due.it
Marketing Director: Martino Zancanella