New tile collection Samsara from Novoceram.

Posted onFebruary 3, 2013

New tile collection Samsara from Novoceram.

The lights of rare Indian stones come to life in the surface of Samsara, lighting up its soft slightly variegated pattern with a thousand streaks of light.Like the precious Indian stone which inspires it, the appearance of Samsara changes with the light, refl ecting it and breaking it down into delicate fl akes.The five colours recalling five natural shades are available in
smooth and textured versions, enabling a perfectly uniform tone to be achieved in indoor and outdoor residential and commercial settings, helped by the vast range of sizes.






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White body porcelain tiles-MEDITERRANEO series by AZUVI.

Posted onFebruary 3, 2013

 White body porcelain tiles-MEDITERRANEO series by AZUVI.

MEDITERRANEO is one of AZUVI.s most special wall tiles series. Inspired by the artwork of Lichtenstein and Warhol and by the Pop Art of the 1970s, the MEDITERRANEO series is a timeless classic that is never out of fashion.

The MEDITERRANEO series can be combined in a multitude of ways, since it includes neutral-coloured tiles, classic formats and eye-catching tiles in original colours.

Tiles with reliefs, cut with waterjet technology to guarantee identical corners and joints and a homogenous appearance when laid (Twin).

These white body porcelain tiles are available in the following colours: Blanco, Pergamón, Mango, Coffee, Metal, Ocean, Cherry, Crema, Gold, Gris and Silver; and the following sizes: 25×40, 31.6×45, 20×31.6, listels 3×31.6, 5×40, 5×31.6, 5×20, etc.




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Outstanding Tiles -3D effect tiles Johnson Tiles UK.

Posted onNovember 21, 2012

Outstanding Tiles -3D effect tiles Johnson Tiles UK.

Walls don’t have to be flat, add texture and bring your room to life with 3D effect tiles.  We have a great range of textured tiles available such as ‘Dimensions’ which offer a 3D cube type effect.  The appearance of textured surfaces is altered when light reflects off the surface – making your room ever changing throughout the day!

We have a large selection of textured surfaces in our Absolute range.  Sextans are a fabulous range of textured tiles with a variety of 3D finishes and a great colour palette.  You can view the full range of products from the Absolute collection by downloading the relevant brochures.  This specialist range is available to order via the telephone on 01782 575575.




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Tel: 01782 524000
Fax: 01782 577379

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