Tiles 2 Go – Tile Shop – Warana, Queensland, Australia

Posted onJune 14, 2011

Tiles 2 Go – Tile Shop – Warana, Queensland, Australia

** TILE WAREHOUSE ** Current 1st Quality Floor and Wall tiles sold at discounted rates. We also stock ceramic, glass and stone mosaics, glue, grout and tools.Products kept in stock for your convenience.


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Queensland 4575
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Our trading hours are: OPEN 7 DAYS
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closed public holidays.

Bathroom tile designs

Posted onMarch 17, 2010

Bathroom tiles are different from standard tiles and they can have an important effect on the overall bathroom design.

With floor tiles or wall tiles, bathroom tiles need to be hard wearing, waterproof and easy to clean, otherwise they won’t last long. Bathroom tile design can help you choose from the baffling array of ceramic, glass, metal and stone tiles that come in many different designs and finishes, and will help you put them in the right place.

First of all decide on where to put the tiles, there is no need to cover every square inch of your bathroom with tiles. The most sensible places are those which come in to contact with the most water, such as shower and bath surrounds. The next important decision is choosing a colour scheme and style. With these decisions in mind it’s time to pick out your tiles.Bathroom tiles come in all shapes and sizes from large rectangular tiles through to tiny square mosaic tiles. Each have their specific functions, large tiles will cover larger areas quicker and more effectively, smaller square tiles are great for small areas such as basin surrounds or for framing. Mosaic tiles can be used to create an artistic focal point but be aware of the time and expertise required for such detailed work.

White bathroom tiles are often the base for many designs as they are affordable, bright, clean and modern. They can be easily styled with carefully placed darker tiles such as a checkerboard floor tile pattern or a simple diamond wall tile pattern. Rectangular tiles can be placed landscape to make a room longer or portrait to create height. Smaller square tiles make good borders, or can be angled to create contrast. Glass and metal tiles can absorb or reflect light to give depth and dazzle, whereas stone and polished ceramics can create a variety visual and tactile effects.

So with the wide variety of bathroom tiles on offer you can be sure to create the perfect bathroom tile design.