Energy and Night, the new generation of Corten series model- TAU Ceramica.

Posted onJuly 10, 2013

Energy and Night, the new generation of Corten series model- TAU Ceramica.

tileTAU stands for the forefront and innovation in design. The company, for Cersaie 2009, has reserved a significant space at its stand for Corten Energy and Corten Night, the new generation of models of the Corten series, one of the most acknowledged proposals worldwide and that which best identifies the work of the brand.

Corten Energy and Corten Night are two dynamic, forceful proposals for porcelain stoneware, which maintain the spirit of the Corten series, from the TAU Metálica collection, which takes on a new aesthetic form thanks to its inspiration by metals in their purest state. Unsurprisingly, as the Corten series is considered one of the most avant garde architectural and interior solutions which has generated the greatest repercussion since it was launched, thanks to its innovative aesthetic concept and exclusiveness, within the uppermost segment of the market worldwide.

Now, Corten Energy and Corten Night have been developed using new manufacturing techniques which can polish the material to lend it a special personality, with a fire-like appearance, while creating a highly particular iridescent effect which is one of its hallmarks. Both models are available in 45×45, 45×90, 60×60 and 30×60 formats, and in two finishes: natural and polished.

tileCorten Night adheres to the canons of the TAU ecotile range, i.e. over 45% of the tiles’ composition uses recycled materials as part of the company’s commitment to conserve and respect the environment, one of the company’s major pledges.

The catalogue of new items which TAU is to present at Cersaie 2009 also includes such interesting products as Mythos, a porcelain stoneware which imitates the purity of classic pentelic marble, in order to capture and materialise the essence of nature in ceramics.

Refined, elegant, pure, reserved but always beautiful, Mythos is available in two versions, polished and natural, which lend it an incredible resemblance to the model on which it is inspired. Mythos is available in 25×36, 45×45, 45×90 and 60×60 formats and five chromatic tones.

Also noteworthy is that TAU has designed Corten Energy and Mythos in the TAUfine version, the new ultrafine and light porcelain which reduces the thickness by over 50% compared to the traditional models, bringing it down to 5 mm. This is an innovative proposal, ideal for rehabilitation and architecture. TAUfine is a commitment to ecology, cost saving in materials and at the forefront of construction, in line with the R&D&I which TAU has used since its beginnings and which have made it a worldwide benchmark.

TAU, coinciding with Cersaie, is also launching a new format, the 20×60, a new proposal to meet one of the new demands in the marketplace, always seeking out larger formats.

There are several models, such as Fiber and Point, two casual and highly dynamic proposals, which are highly colourful and use geometric patterns, and Arun and the TAU Luminia collection, which includes the Alenda-Beires and Massa-Samaná series, more classical, reserved and refined.

The new features of TAU for this season are supplemented with Dessau (45×45 and 60×60), a lapping pavement for top quality atmospheres; Gravel, a new model inspired on microcements measuring 60×60 and 80×80, and five finishes, both for interiors and exteriors, and Hammam, a polished porcelain which reproduces all the ambience of ancient Turkish baths, thanks to its aged appearance which is available in three colours (gold, beige and black) and four formats (15×60, 20×60, 30×60 and 60×60).

Lastly, the catalogue of TAU’s new products contains Hebra, a proposal halfway between the bold and classic line which reflects the threads of fabrics, but from an avant garde, innovative stance. Hebra has three decorations, Japan, Llovizna and Orvallo, whose finishes resemble raindrops in glass, offering a fresh, relaxing effect.

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Maxima 5mm- new avant-garde product on the ceramics market- Imola Ceramica.

Posted onNovember 24, 2012

Maxima 5mm- new avant-garde product on the ceramics market- Imola Ceramica.




Maxima 5mm, apart from being synonymous of perfection in ceramic design, thanks to the new innovative Colour Definition System digital technology is a concentration of research and technology enclosed in just 5mm of thickness and ceramic lightness, all in harmony with the environment and different living expectations. With Maxima 5mm, the innovation of Imola Ceramica exceeds itself giving life to a project that can bring together aesthetic and technical performance, revolutionising the possibilities of design and the use of porcelain stoneware for walls and floors. An infinite number of aesthetic solutions applied to a light, thin and resistant product with ecological design for an innovative and sustainable choice. Imola Ceramica presents Maxima 5mm as a new avant-garde product on the ceramics market.

Glazed and rectified porcelain tiles in all formats and types
3 product types: Carrara5, Navona5, Durango5
3 sizes: 50×100, 25×100, 25X50 cm
2 surface finishes: natural, lapped

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Savoia Italia SpA-tile manufacturer -Fiorano Modenese, Modena, Italy.

Posted onFebruary 15, 2012

Savoia Italia SpA-tile manufacturer -Fiorano Modenese Modena Italy.

For over 30 years Alco Ceramics offers a fine selection of floor coverings and decorative compositions, always at the forefront in the search for a current style for the contemporary home.

Different formats and a wide range of colors ensure a wide choice to suit every preference, from the classics to the most innovative series. Come in and discover our new line of products created specially for the event Cersaie 2010, here you will find every single item on the stand.

Savoia Italia SpA

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