PROLITE™ Tile & Stone Adhesive-Technical Data Sheet

Posted onDecember 16, 2010

PROLITE Tile & Stone Adhesive-Technical Data Sheet

* High flexibility and bond strength

* Formulated with CustomLite™ Technology
* 40% lighter than other adhesives
* Thin-set or medium bed adhesive, up to 19mm thick on floors
* No additives required
* Will not sag or slip on walls
* Non-slump performance for floor installations
* Excellent handling characteristics
* 13.60kg bag covers same area as a normal 22.68kg bag
* Made with 100% recycled materials that contributes to LEED Certification
* Protected by MoldGard® Technology to resist mold and mildew growth
* Covered by an Installation Systems Warranty

Tile Types:
Vitreous, semi-vitreous or absorptive tile: ceramic, mosaic, quarry, cement, impervious porcelain and glass mosaic, brick and mini brick, precast terrazzo and natural stone tile.

Refer to Technical Data Sheet

Refer to Technical Bulletin

Bag Size: 13.60kg Colours: Gray and White

Technical Data Sheet PDF

Data Sheet PDF

Material Safety Data Sheet PDF

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