Porcelain floor tiles TUSCANY.s series by AZUVI.

Posted onFebruary 3, 2013

 Porcelain floor tiles TUSCANY.s series by AZUVI.

TUSCANY.s series by AZUVI endows the chosen room with a personal and elegant atmosphere due to a perfect combination of natural colour ranges and in general, with the aesthetic qualities of marble: natural design, shading, perfection, and elegance.

With this series, AZUVI combine floor and wall tiles together with a wide range of special pieces, moreover they can be used in very busy areas and have an extraordinary anti-skid quality.

The TUSCANY series comprises 50×50, 31.6×31.6cm porcelain floor tiles and 20×31.6cm white body wall tiles, in the following colours: Gold Royale, Impero and Avorio.

AZUVI presents the format 50×50 in anti-skid finish which it is used both inside and outside homes. The same format is available in rectified finish.






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Seta wall/floor tile collection -300X300 tiles 2012

Posted onDecember 17, 2012

Seta wall/floor tile collection -300X300 tiles

The ideal dress for an important room, made by weaving matter into multicolor textures that dress the space with Italian sartorial taste.Every tile is individually decorated and finished by hand, making each one a unique piece.


Porcelain stoneware floor/wall tile decorated by hand- 300X300 tiles.








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Gabbianelli new tile collections -Le Trame, Egeo.

Posted onDecember 17, 2012

Gabbianelli new tile collections -Le Trame, Egeo.

Le Trame is an original collection for floors created by Gabbianelli to complement its series of products for the home. The collection is available in 7 different colour options, each of which is in turn available in warmer or cooler shades, hand-painted on a 20×40 cm single-fired base. Adopting this technique makes it possible to create a product which is both beautiful to look at and hardwearing, and therefore suitable for use throughout the home.




Egeo- tile collection

The gentle ripples of a sea that echoes epic adventures are captured on the surface of this Gabbianelli collection of floor tiles in 40×40 cm size. The Egeo finish proposed in 7 chromatic versions brings the sea into every environment; in the same way as the sea is always the same but never identical the tiles of the Egeo collection are hand-decorated one by one in the Gabbianelli Laboratory. Egeo Collection, hand-painted, 7 mm thick, porcelain stoneware tiles.



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