New Tile collection Florilège -Novoceram , France.

Posted onDecember 17, 2012

 New Tile collection Florilège -Novoceram , France.

Bright elegant colours depicting a tree with great floral detail and a new tactile texture reminiscent of the silky softness of fabric – Florilège revives the charm of the motifs found in 18th century hand-painted Chinese wallpaper in the new guise of fine white body ceramic tiles.






The four sub-compositions of Florilège (Terre, Ciel, Cage, Paon) are designed for laying
in any combination without interrupting the pattern, thus providing great compositional
Below are some suggestions which can be varied in an infinite number of ways
depending on the size of the wall.

Novoceram sas
ZI Orti, Laveyron – BP20
26241 Saint Vallier Sur Rhône Cedex
Tel +33 (0) 4 75 23 50 23
Fax +33 (0) 4 75 23 32 99

Cerdomus Ceramiche SpA-tile manufacturer-Castelbolognese, Ravenna, Italy.

Posted onJune 27, 2010

Cerdomus Ceramiche SpAtile manufacturer-Castelbolognese, Ravenna, Italy.
In 1998 Cerdomus expanded its porcelain stoneware production plant and built its new headquarters: a two floor structure in glass and metal, decorated with small handmade bricks in relief depicting original motifs by the sculptor Angelo Biancini, houses the management, business and marketing offices and the showroom.

Via Emilia Ponente, 1000
Castelbolognese, 48014

Tel.+39 0546 652 111
Fax: +39 0546 50 010

The Lumistile- handcrafted glass tiles.

Posted onMarch 17, 2010

The Lumistile- handcrafted glass tiles.

lk“For many years I have been working with various ceramic media, earthenware, stoneware and porcelain and have become increasingly intrigued with glass, which always seems so clean and subtle with its natural association with light and its soft aqua colouration. I also wanted to further promote New Zealand as a continuing source of unique art and design innovation on both the national and international stage”. Wayne Blackburn, NZ Artist

The transition to a commercial realization of these handcrafted glass tiles has taken time and after several years of study, research, development and planning, Lumistile is now able to offer you this initial range of handcrafted glass tiles.


The original motifs have been developed for us by Wayne and are interpretations of various aspects of his New Zealand. Like so many New Zealanders, it is in essence a combined reflection of both European and Pacifica cultures.

Softer colours were chosen to personify our unique culture, our sea encircled Islands. The Land, a living green; The Sea, a reflective blue and The Sky; a long, silver, white cloud – Aotearoa.




Our glass tiles are individually hand made using basic methods and techniques developed over many centuries. Our kiln uses materials and technology developed for the Space Programme to ensure consistency. When these tiles are kiln fired the designs are moulded into the glass using a negative bas-relief method. This allows fine detail to be used in the motifs without any hazardous edges. This slightly raised surface enhances light reflection. It also allows for easy cleaning. All our tiles are individually packaged in recyclable unbleached cardboard. Click on the image to show a larger image, the standard available colours and a brief artist’s design statement.

opoTechnical Information


The size of this initial range is 100x100x6mm (4x4x.25inches). Tiles with the large motifs will have areas which maybe up to 4mm above the nominal 6mm base tile. They will retain a smooth softly curvaceous upper surface.


Our glass is easy to keep clean – wipe with warm water and detergent and polish with a dry soft cloth.


The recommended system to glue the tiles is to use either a flexible tile glue or V60 neutral cure silicon sealant. A neutral cure silicon sealant can also be used as the grout. Ensure all cavities on the rear of the tile are filled with the bedding compound before laying.

These tiles should be installed from internal corners and should ideally not be placed closer than 50mm (2inches) from external corners.

These tiles must NOT be cut, nibbled or chipped to fit.

As with any handcrafted product, be aware there will be slight variations in tile sizes, pattern definition and colouration. However, all precautions are taken to minimise these.