The “Bon Dia, Bonica” series and TAU set new standards in set design with ceramics on television.

Posted onAugust 2, 2010

The “Bon Dia, Bonica” series and TAU set new standards in set design with ceramics on television.

TAU and Porcelanatto ceramics will have a special role to play in ‘Bon Dia, Bonica’, the major new TVV drama series which is due to go on air in September. Once again, ceramic coverings from the two well-known brands will be showing off their ability to create spaces; indeed they act as a kind of “mirror” in which their inhabitants’ personalities – and even their emotions and aspirations in life – are reflected. This leading role played by ceramics is also fully recognised in TAU’s work alongside Pedro Almodóvar for his Oscar-winning film “Todo Sobre Mi Madre” (All About My Mother).

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All eyes on Karim Rashid and his own unique vision of design

Posted onMay 1, 2010

All eyes on Karim Rashid and his own unique vision of design as he visits the TAU-Porcelanatto stand at the Coverings 2010 trade show .
The international trendsetter, one of the most globally renowned names in design, brings his vibrant, colourful world to ceramic solutions and comes to the United States to promote the ‘NO-Stalgia’ collection which he has produced for the famous Spanish brand, clearly breaking away from all established concepts with a new language
All eyes were on the TAU-Porcelanatto stand at Coverings 2010. The visit of Karim Rashid, the international trendsetter in fashion, design and interior design, was hot news at the ceramic trade show held in Orlando (which ends today), and where he gave a press conference to explain his own unique vision of the world we live in, a philosophy which is expressed in every single one of the many varied facets of his work.

As he spoke to both the numerous journalists from all over the world and all the ceramics professionals who swarmed around the company’s stand at the Orange County Convention Center , once again Karim Rashid demonstrated the importance of colour and textures in his vibrant conceptual approach. These ideas are now expressed in the NO-Stalgia collection which he has designed for Porcelanatto and are a milestone in decoration. These are true “designer” products in the purest and most innovative sense of the word.

Everything that Karim Rashid does is all about freedom, pure colour, shapes and vibrancy, but it is also about being provocative and unconventional. No two of his ideas are the same and yet somehow you can always spot his style a mile off. All of this could be seen during his visit to Coverings 2010, where he underlined that in a grey, standardised world such as our own, colour is a fundamental value , a way of allowing users to put their own stamps on things, and that every product needs to offer them the best way of projecting their own personalities. This is why, before each creative challenge, he starts from scratch, with no preconceptions, and always develops a new world.

The other key factors in this work are the textures, a facet of building materials which have always been the most accurate reflection of society at any moment in time, although over the last few decades they have lost their function, becoming disconnected from the modern societies within which they are confined. This is why, in a technological, visual and three-dimensional world, Karim Rashid goes for digital, geometric finishes, an effect which sums up the relationship between mankind and the new communication technologies.

Now, and as a result of the involvement of Porcelanatto, which has unveiled this latest stage in his career at Coverings 2010, Karim Rashid is breaking the mould in contracting, architecture and interior design with NO-Stalgia, his ceramic calling card, and once again he manages to cross all boundaries without ever losing his own identity. He himself handled the presentation of the four NO-Stalgia collections, which he supervised and which have been designed in 60×60 format and in four colours, with the sole aim of making an impact. Their sinuous geometric shapes, together with lines that create impressive optical effects – which can have a positive influence on the state of mind of anyone who sees them – are the key asset of a concept which is totally new to the world of ceramics. Sensory (Grey, Nude, Red, Blue), Poetic (Blue, Nude, Pink, Carbon), Emotion (Fire-Orange, Grey, Lime, Carbon) and Desire (Nude, Carbon, Grey, Yellow) are all expressly designed for architects, decorators, interior designers, etc., i.e. professionals who have a clear vision of design, of the urban concept of the materials and who create “designer” spaces laid out for maximum impact. The ultimate goal is to express, renew and personalise each space in a totally unique way.

Karim Rashid also announced that he is working on the development of a cutting-edge project for a hotel in Berlin, which is also likely to set global standards in design, and for which he will be using Porcelanatto products, highlighting the fact that the two models which he will be using for his groundbreaking project will be designed exclusively by the Spanish brand, to show how much he has enjoyed working with the company for the first time and that there is a relationship built upon mutual trust. Indeed, Rashid highlighted the excellent finish offered by Porcelanatto ceramics as a decorative, architectural item, as well as providing wonderful value for money, making this one of the most expressive, competitive construction solutions on the market.

Karim Rashid ended his participation in Coverings 2010 with a visit to the Icex pavilion, where the designer and all the people who had attended his press conference shared an aperitif.

DeLucia Tile Gallery – Wall and floor Tile Shop – Fairfield, Victoria, Australia

Posted onFebruary 12, 2010

DeLucia Tile Gallery – Wall and floor Tile Shop – Fairfield, Victoria, Australia.

Our aim is simple, to specialise in exclusive Italian and Spanish tiles that reflect timeless character and emotion. With the ever changing trends in today tile industry, whether it be porcelanatto, marble or mosiac, our design concept will reflect your individuality and enhance the look and feel of your home.

At DeLucia Tile Gallery we stock:

  • Magica
  • Castlevetro
  • Ascot
  • Porcelanatto
  • Ceramica Sanprospero
  • Alaplana
  • Flaviker
  • Gruppo ABK

Contact Name
Frank Filippis
460 Heidelberg ROAD
Victoria 3078
Phone 03 9482 1166