Through-body porcelain tiles-LENA series by AZUVI.

Posted onFebruary 3, 2013

 Through-body porcelain tiles-LENA series by AZUVI.

LENA series by AZUVI is a faithful reflection of Pulpis marble, whose most important quarry is located in Magdalena de Pulpis (Castellón).

AZUVI has obtained a through-body porcelain tiles series with an excellent design and finish. LENA is a product with shade variation, with tiles characterised by a unique pattern on each, relief work and original looking veins. These characteristics infuse settings with a sense of dynamism, giving them a wonderfully natural look.

This series fulfils the requirements to high bending strength and high resistance to knocks, atmospheric agents, frost, ice and ageing; it also has low water absorption. That is the reason why it is also used both inside and outside homes.

Available in colours Beige, Café, Gris, Marengo; and sizes 44×44, 44×63, 43.4×62.4, 11×43.4, 11×62.4, etc.





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POLYBLEND® White Dry Grout -Technical Data Sheet

Posted onDecember 20, 2010

POLYBLEND® White Dry Grout -Technical Data Sheet

* Polymer modified Non-Sandedtl
* Mix with water
* For any tile or stone installation
* Resistant to shrinking, cracking, powdering and wear
* Suitable for joints up to 3mm wide
* For highly glazed ceramic tile or highly polished natural stone
* For interior and exterior installations
* Rated for residential to extra heavy duty commercial use
* Protected by MoldGard® Technology to resist mould and mildew growth
* Covered by a Commercial Warranty and a Homeowner Warranty

Tile Types:
Vitreous, semi-vitreous or absorptive tile: ceramic, mosaic, quarry, cement, impervious porcelain and glass tile, brick and mini-brick, precast terrazzo and natural stone tile

Bag Size: 11.34kg
Colour: White

Technical Data Sheet PDF

Data Sheet PDF

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Dual Mix-High performance thin-set mortar for ceramic, quarry, marble, pavers and other natural sto

Posted onMarch 17, 2010

Dual Mix-High performance thin-set mortar for ceramic, quarry, marble*, pavers and other natural stone tile installations-Technical Data Sheet.

High Performance Portland cement thin-set mortar for interior installation of ceramic, quarry, marble, pavers
and other natural stone tiles on floors and walls.
o Easy to Trowel
o Excellent Bond
o Exceeds ANSI A118.1
o Residential/Commercial Use

Click here for the Data Sheet for this product

Click here for the MSDS Sheet for this product

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