Gabbianelli new tile collections -Le Trame, Egeo.

Posted onDecember 17, 2012

Gabbianelli new tile collections -Le Trame, Egeo.

Le Trame is an original collection for floors created by Gabbianelli to complement its series of products for the home. The collection is available in 7 different colour options, each of which is in turn available in warmer or cooler shades, hand-painted on a 20×40 cm single-fired base. Adopting this technique makes it possible to create a product which is both beautiful to look at and hardwearing, and therefore suitable for use throughout the home.




Egeo- tile collection

The gentle ripples of a sea that echoes epic adventures are captured on the surface of this Gabbianelli collection of floor tiles in 40×40 cm size. The Egeo finish proposed in 7 chromatic versions brings the sea into every environment; in the same way as the sea is always the same but never identical the tiles of the Egeo collection are hand-decorated one by one in the Gabbianelli Laboratory. Egeo Collection, hand-painted, 7 mm thick, porcelain stoneware tiles.



S.S. 143, 100
Vergnasco di Cerrione, 13882

Tel.+39 015 6721
Fax: +39 015 671 626



Gruppo Ceramiche Gresmalt SpA-tile manufacturer-Sassuolo, Modena, Italy.

Posted onJune 2, 2011

Gruppo Ceramiche Gresmalt SpAtile manufacturer-Sassuolo, Modena, Italy.

SINTESI CERAMICHE is a trade mark of GRUPPO CERAMICHE GRESMALT S.P.A. wich has been operational for over 30 years.  
Our factories use the very latest, high tech methods so our production can meet anything that the market demands:
full mass porcelain tiles
glazed porcelain tiles
glazed natural stoneware tiles (SINTER RED)
wall tiles

Via Mosca, 38
Sassuolo, 41049

Tel.+39 0536 867 011
Fax: +39 0536 867 050

Ceramiche REFIN – Italy

Posted onMay 21, 2011

Ceramiche Refin was established in 1962 and at first it produced tile bodies (biscuits); in 1983, thanks to its know-how developed during the years, it began to produce glazed ceramic wall tiles until 1995, when it started manufacturing porcelain stoneware tiles.

The company continued to grow and nowadays it has become a point of reference for the Italian and international ceramic market: as a matter of fact, it has been part of the Concorde Group, European’s second largest ceramic tile group in terms of turnover, since 1998.

During 2008, with the help of its 200-plus employees, Ceramiche Refin’s turnover figure reached approximately 70 million Euro.

Refin Ceramiche’s Mission

Creating, within the porcelain stoneware tiles market, dedicated to the planning of light commercial and evolved residential projects, design solutions with high quality technological performances, of Italian style and image, via a management process of high ethical standards and respect for the environment.

Bringing ceramic tile materials to the new millennium exploiting new destinations of use and creative paths: this is DesignTaleStudio‘s objective.

Refin Ceramics’ DesignTaleStudio started in 2005, the fruit of a research team aiming to find the definition and exploitation of new creative and technical uses for porcelain stoneware tiles. The team’s goal is that of overcoming the bias associated to ceramic tiles offering new destinations of use for porcelain stoneware at the same time enhancing its creative design content.

A team of expert professionals

Refin Ceramics’ DesignTaleStudio is above all a team of professionals coming from various business environments and sharing the mutual goal of combining creative experience, technical knowledge, planning and managing abilities.
Following the development of the projects, the team acquire new skills making the DTS a dynamic, constantly growing pool. The DesignTaleStudio carries out researches directly on ceramic materials with an eye on business ethic and environmental issues, Refin Ceramics’ driving values.

DesignTaleStudio is a registered trademark owned by Ceramiche Refin spa.


Ceramiche Refin SpA
Via I Maggio, 22 – Salvaterra di Casalgrande
42013 Reggio Emilia – Italy
Tel. +39.0522.990.499
Fax Ita +39.0522.849.270
Fax Exp +39.0522.990.578
email: info[at]refin[dot]it