Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing-Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE

Posted onOctober 2, 2010

Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing

If your work is waterproofing wet areas, you can get a Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing through Recognition of Prior Learning.

This is an assessment and skill gap training course. You will be assessed against criteria for 14 compulsory units and five electives.

Where there are gaps in your skills or knowledge, you will get extra training at NMIT.

Compulsory units include:

* Carry out measurements and calculations
* Read and interpret plans and specifications
* Prepare surfaces for waterproofing application
* Apply waterproofing process to internal and external wet areas
* Apply waterproofing remedial processes

Elective units include:

* Frame and fit wet area fixtures
* Apply basic levelling procedures
* Carry out basic demolition
* Operate elevated work platforms
* Manage small business finances.

The building industry is booming so take advantage of this chance to solidify your skills!

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NMIT (Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE)
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Avante Bathroom Renovations- bathroom renovation – Inner West NSW.

Posted onAugust 14, 2010

Avante Bathroom Renovations- bathroom renovation – Inner West NSW.
Avante Renovations is a proudly owned and operated family business with over 18 years experiance .Together with our team of specialised and fully qualified tradesmen; we thrive on projects that are unique and challenging.We understand that bathroom renovations take time and it is for this reason that we are committed to providing realistic and honest information to our customers as to what is involved in each renovation.
* Complete bathroom management of your new bathroom from start to completion.
* In house design service from traditional to the latest in modern design.
* Existing bathroom makeovers to rejuvenate and give your bathroom a stylish new look.
* General maintenance including leaking showers and bathroom regrouting.
* Waterproofing of all wet areas complying with Australian Standards.
* Wall & floor tiling including all – natural stone, porcelain, ceramic & glass tiles .

Inner West
New South Wales 2133
02 9706 3240
0418 673 893
02 9706 3240


Posted onMarch 17, 2010


Identification: UniBond All Purpose Floor Tile Adhesive, and Grout are grey cement based,
ceramic floor tile adhesive, and grout products. The product is supplied as
separate adhesive, and grout sachets in a cardboard outer.
Manufactured by Henkel Consumer Adhesives.
Uses/Applications: UniBond All Purpose Floor Tile Adhesive, and Grout is suitable for bonding, and
grouting ceramic floor tiles and mosaics in damp or wet service conditions. It is
also suitable for dry service conditions and is resistant to cracking in joints up to
3mm thick.
Limitations/Misuse: Not suitable for worktops. Do not allow grout to set on the tile face.
Composition: Grey cement, sand and other additives.
Physical Properties:
Adhesive Coarse grey powder.
Grout Slightly coarse grey powder.
Odours: None.
Fire: Non flammable and non-combustible.
Water: The grout is suitable for general interior wall tiling including bathrooms, showers
and in permanently damp or wet areas.
Chemicals: Resistant to petrol, oils and weak alkalis, etc. Not resistant to acids.
Biological: Contains a preservative and does not support the growth of bacteria or fungi.
Thermal: Once cured it is unaffected by temperatures up to 120°C. Between 120°C &
400°C it will lose strength and will disintegrate above 400°C.
Durability/Reliability: Indefinite depending on conditions of use.
Compatibility with
other products: Compatible with most building surfaces.
Working Characteristics:
Rheology: Easy spread viscous paste (when water is added).
Working time: 2 – 3 hours.
Cure time: Normally 24 hours should be allowed for the tiling adhesive to dry before
Ensure adhesive is dry before grouting. Grout hardens in 1 to 2 days, full cure in
14 days.
Cure Type: Hydraulic setting.
Temperature Range: Do not apply at temperatures below 5°C. Frost free conditions are required
during curing.
Coverage: Coverage will depend on application, but as a guide.

Standard – Up to 9 sq.ft Large – Up to 18.9 sq.ft.
Trade – Up to 38.7 sq.ft
Shelf Life: At least 1 year in unopened bag. Use as soon as possible after opening. Do not
store in damp conditions or in open bags.
Architect’s Specification Clause
The grout to be used shall be UniBond All Purpose Floor Tile Adhesive, and Grout. It shall be used and
applied strictly in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.
Health & Safety
The material is safe in normal use. However, with any material, good hygiene practices should be followed:
Avoid inhaling the dry powder. Avoid contact with the eyes, and if contact occurs, flush with copious
amounts of water for ten minutes. Avoid prolonged contact with the skin (may cause skin irritation). Keep
away from children and animals. People with sensitive skin should wear rubber gloves. This product
contains a fungicide. Follow pack instructions.
For full details see separate Henkel Health & Safety Data Sheet.
First Aid Procedure: See separate Henkel Health and Safety Data Sheet available on request.
Emergency Action: See separate Henkel Health and Safety Data Sheet available on request.
Prices and conditions of sales:
See separate Henkel Price List available on request.
Packs contain adhesive, and grout in separate sachets
Standard Carry Box
Large Carry Box
Trade Carry Box
Grout sachet is also available separately
Handy Box
Advisory Service
For technical or practical advice on this or any other UniBond product, please contact our Technical Services
Department on Winsford (01606) 593933. Fax: (01606) 863762.
The information supplied in our literature or given by our employees, concerning the use of our products is
based upon extensive experience and given in good faith in order to help you. We also guarantee the
consistent high quality of our products; however, as we have no control over site conditions or the execution
of the work, we accept no liability for any loss or damage which may arise as a result thereof.

Technical Services
Henkel Consumer Adhesives
Road 5
Winsford Industrial Estate
Winsford Cheshire CW7 3QY
Telephone: 01606 593933
Fax: 01606 863762