THE NEW HIGH TECH PRODUCTION LINE EXTREME UNVEILED-innovative tile size 150x75cm,GranitiFiandre.

THE NEW HIGH TECH PRODUCTION LINE EXTREME UNVEILED-innovative tile size 150x75cm,GranitiFiandre.

On the occasion of the first GranitiFiandre Open, in the presence of the Mayor of Castellarano and the press, the new high tech production line GranitiFiandre was unveiled. The Mayor Alberto Caprari and the President and CEO Graziano Verdi cut the ribbon to start the work of the new plant.

GranitiFiandre has assigned huge investments in this valuable renewal, a further step towards the future for the company, to consolidate and develop the technological and stylistic leadership recognized by the world of architecture. The installation of this new facility, is a necessary step to achieve ever higher results: the new plant will produce unique slabs in the innovative size 150x75cm.
The intervention was made on one of the two GranitiFiandre productive areas, on a surface of about 16,000 square meters.
The plant has a new 5,000 tons press equipped with multi atomized loading wagon system, using a technology conceived by GranitiFiandre technical staff.
A second press of 7500 tons is equipped with a atomized multi carpet layers charging system, also designed and realized by the company technical staff.
This second facility is dedicated to the production of large size 150×75 cm.

This innovative format is currently the last frontier of GranitiFiandre production. It gives an answer to the needs of architecture and design, providing slabs which guarantee an unique visual impact. The large size gives continuity in the floors and walls covering and is suitable for high performances, both in the residential and in the great distribution, and can also be applied to ventilated façades and raised floors.

The first GranitiFiandre Open was also the occasion to present the Spring’s news.
Firts of all, the Piasentina NewStone, renewed thanks to a technological and stylistic restyling that emphasizes the value of a successful GranitiFiandre material. Thanks to new technologies, today Piasentina (proposed in two colors and three finishes) is presented as a complete interior and exterior proposal, ductile material for modern and avant-garde building.

Then comes the new XL120 NewGround, a new size which enriches the range of the NewGround collection. The collection is made of three colors in the 120×60 cm size: White, Silver and Anthracite. This latter was selected by the Commissioner of the Government for the paving of the Italian Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition in Shanghai in 2010, reflecting the creativity and excellence in Italy. XL120NewGround is a material that well represents GranitiFiandre constant attention to ecology and environment, because it remains within the parameters required by the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the system of quality assessment in terms of energy and environmental issues within the construction or renovation of environmentally sustainable buildings. Silver and Anthracite XL120 NewGround are made for more than 40% from recycled materials.

Finally, the absolute novelty is the i.Q Laying System, the revolutionary “smart” installation system patented by GranitiFiandre that doesn’t require the use of adhesives and sealants. A method labelled as “smart”, being able to adapt to the subfloor or existing floor without the need for invasive interventions.

“I thank the Mayor of Castellarano for participating in this important moment – said Graziano Verdi, President and CEO of GranitiFiandre – which highlights the efforts of our company in this period of great economic crisis. The achieved results, the constant push for the renewal evidenced by the innovative proposals submitted, and especially the choice of GranitiFiandre as partner of the Commissioner General of the Government for the Expo in Shanghai, is the best evidence of our being recognized as a spearhead of Made in Italy”.

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